University Entrepreneurs

The Bridge

Online Learning

40 hours of online training to deeply understand the best formulas for a Crowdfunding campaign.

Face 2 Face Learning

25 classroom hours to adapt real projects to crowdfunding framework.


2 intensive days working by teams to make an astonishing crowdfunding pre-campaign.

Abroad Experience

15 entrepreneurs living 15 days in the same house, learning how to make a global project and useful connections.


At the university our entrepreneurs discover a great amount of specialized competences. Our international experience helps them to discover their objectives, and to connect their knowledge with the reality of the market, to get to know themselves, personally and professionally, and disconnect from the limitations imposed by their usual environment.

With a view to the beginning of their work, our activity not only complements their curriculum, but also allows them to make global contacts and to evaluate with greater perspective their future possibilities. For them we have created the The Bridge program.


As organizers of this experience we want, above all, to make it unforgettable.
Our mission is to facilitate all operations so that the participants concentrate on the experience.
From food to laundry, learning and activities. We take care of every detail to help you squeeze every minute and enjoy this unique opportunity.


  • Create an optimal growth environment for our most intrepid teenagers.
  • Eliminate psychological roofs that prevent them from pursuing more ambitious goals.
  • Empower your skills of progress through creativity and technology.
  • Learn to coexist with other cultures and languages.


Our professionals, experts in the different areas that make up the creation of an emerging company, also have a great vocation to transmit their knowledge to the participants. This allows us to carry out very specific workshops on business, product and service design and new technologies development in  and digital marketing, all of them areas related to crowdfunding.

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